Cradles to Crayons Spring Drive

Wellness at Villageworks is proud to partner with Cradles to Crayons for a Spring Drive to collect gently used kids clothes and gear for ages 0-12.  The Drive runs from April 1 - May 31. We will collect items in our foyer M-F 9am - 8pm and Sat 11am - 4pm. 
Donation Guidelines:

Cradles to Crayons is a non-profit founded in 2002. They provide children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive – at home, at school and at play.  To learn more about their Boston location visit their website:


Acupuncture To Boost Fertility

One of the specialities of Full Circle Family Acupuncture is acupuncture to increase fertility. For a testimonial of Full Circle's work, one need go no further than the office next door, to find a very pregnant Natasha Heitman.

Natasha is the owner and operator of Inspire Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness. She also runs a blog about the fertility challenges she and her husband faced over the past five years. Here she answers questions about her work with Stacey Fiutem, the owner and operated of Full Circle Family Acupuncture.

 Q: When did you start seeing Stacey?

A: Soon after she started her practice here at the Wellness Center [Spring 2016]. I had gone to another acupuncturist when I was going through the beginning of my fertility treatments, but Stacey was closer for me, and I found she spent more time speaking with me about the process.

Q: Why did you decide to try Acupuncture?

A:  We had no success conceiving naturally for about 5 years prior to beginning fertility treatment, and after having about 4 failed IUIs and Clomid cycles, I wanted to do everything I could to improve my chances with IVF.  I did a lot of reading about the benefits from acupuncture and improving your fertility naturally or when combined with fertility intervention. The more I felt that I could do on my end, the better I felt I would do with the very involved process of IVF.

Q: What would you like to share with others about your experience working with Stacey?

A: Working with Stacey was awesome! She was very thorough in gathering my history and with her treatment sessions. She also recommended things I could do on my own to help during my whole cycle, such as what to eat and what to avoid. She was so knowledgeable about the entire IVF process, which was very helpful when you’re embarking on a process that can be overwhelming. With IVF they stimulate your ovaries to make as many eggs as possible, so I spoke with her about my cycle and came in for treatment accordingly leading up to my egg retrieval. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy has had no issues. I have seen Stacey here and there for aches and pains that have occurred as well as to help treat the nausea that comes along with pregnancy. I plan to also see her soon to help my baby arrive on her due date!

Natasha invites others who are starting their own journey to motherhood to visit her site. She welcomes any questions about her personal IVF story.

Acupuncture can boost fertility as a stand alone treatment or as a complement to Western treatments like IVF. Studies from 2015 show a 26% increase in conception rates when acupuncture is used in tandem with IVF.  Additionally, acupuncture has no major side effects, and costs a fraction of the price of Western treatments.

Want to learn more or give it a try?

Contact Stacey Fiutem:
Full Circle Family Acupuncture

After Apple Pruning Sculpture Exhibit

The winter art exhibit is now on-display in The Gallery at Villageworks. Organic apple orchardist and sculptor Linda Hoffman and her team bring the apple orchard into The Gallery through her custom art installation After Apple Pruning. On display through March 30th.

After Apple Pruning
an exhibit of sculpture 

'twigs and branches pruned from the orchard, grafted roots, bronze figures, string, rope, copper wire, a cider press barrel, cloth and spun wool'

 Grafting a Life (detail), Linda Hoffman & Ariel Matisse

 Grafting a Life (detail), Linda Hoffman & Ariel Matisse

Trees that grow and produce sweet fruit year after year are really quite miraculous. There is so much about fruit trees that is astonishing — even simple apple branches — those irregular shaped, pruned and grafted, sculpted limbs, bewitching with their freedom and artistry.
— Linda Hoffman
 From One Seed,  Linda Hoffman & Gabrielle White

 From One Seed,  Linda Hoffman & Gabrielle White

Opening Reception: Sunday, January 15, 3-5pm

Gallery Hours

M-F, 9am to 5pm

Artist Hours in the Gallery

Fridays, Feb 3, 10, 24; March 10, 24; noon to 2pm

Poetry Reading in The Gallery Celebrating the publication of "Before We Were Birds"
by Susan Edwards Richmond

Sunday, March 12 at 3pm

The Gallery at Villageworks  
525 Massachusetts Avenue, 
Acton, MA 01720


Learn more about Linda Hoffman's orchard and art studio: Old Frog Pond Farm & Studio          


Exercise this Winter

For most of us in New England the winter is a time of decreased physical activity; it's just harder to be out and about. But putting in the effort to exercise regularly can have a big impact on overall wellness in the winter. 

If it's feeling hard to maintain a winter exercise routine, here's a couple motivators to consider:

1. Mood: the winter can take a toll on our mental health. Exercise is proven to decrease the likelihood of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Depression and stress by reducing the stress hormone Cortisol.

2. Immune System: exercise and stretching help to cleanse organs like the kidney and liver, lowers stress, and stretches that open up the chest and throat are said to improve immunity to colds and respiratory infections.

3. Circulation: cold hands and feet can be a constant in winter. Exercise helps to improve circulation allowing your body to better warm itself throughout the day.

4. Balance: stretching out muscles helps to improve balance when on ice and snow.

Two of our neighboring businesses offer exercise classes that can be especially beneficial this time of year. Revolution Community Yoga and Modern Barre both offer a range of classes for all levels that allow for exercise, stretching and meditation regardless of the weather outside.

Revolution Community Yoga 537 Mass Ave, Villageworks If you'd like to learn more about classes and workshops at Revolution Community Yoga, they're having an Open House this weekend: Saturday, January 7th from 2:30 – 6:30pm. Click here for details.

Revolution Community Yoga
537 Mass Ave, Villageworks
If you'd like to learn more about classes and workshops at Revolution Community Yoga, they're having an Open House this weekend: Saturday, January 7th from 2:30 – 6:30pm. Click here for details.

Modern Barre 525 Mass Ave, Villageworks Modern Barre is currently offering a special: 10 classes for $120 and recently added new classes for teens and for moms + babies.

Modern Barre
525 Mass Ave, Villageworks
Modern Barre is currently offering a special: 10 classes for $120 and recently added new classes for teens and for moms + babies.

Mindful Eating During The Holidays

Eating Psychology Coach Kathy Elkind of Elkind Nourishment knows that the holidays can be one of the toughest times of the year to slow down and savor our foods. She offers the following advice:

Carry the practice of Mindfulness with you through the holidays. 
Mindfulness will help you notice what you are feeling.
If we do not feel our discomforts we will end up eating them. 
We are all human SO feel the discomforts.
Comfort yourself with kindness and love (hand over the heart).
And savor the pleasures of this time of year.

To provide us with extra support this season Kathy created 3 short (FREE) videos to navigate holiday foods and emotions. Click the image to the left to sign up. For people looking for a healthy, satisfying dish that balances out all the rich foods of the season, please click on the image to the right to link to Kathy's Barley and Carrots Recipe.

3 Day Breakthrough

3 Day Breakthrough

Barley and Carrot Recipe  

Barley and Carrot Recipe

For additional support this holiday season (or any season) please contact:

Kathy Elkind
Eating Psychology Coach
elKind Nourishment

Tips For Safe Shoveling

Physical Therapist Natasha Heitman, wants you to stay healthy this winter!

Shoveling snow can be great exercise and a way to stay active outside during the winter. But, it's so important to do it safely in order to reduce the risk of injury. Click on the image below to visit the Inspire Motion blog where Natasha demonstrates stretches to protect your shoulders, back, and elbows. These are stretches you can use both before and after shoveling. Also included are health tips like a reminder to lift with your legs and try to limit bending forward!

Twitter: @inspiremotionPT
Instagram: @inspiremotionPT
Pinterest: inspiremotion
(978) 795-4066

Caring For Your Skin This Winter

We asked Dianne Cecere of Birch Tree Esthetics to share some tips on how to best care for your skin this winter.  Along with being an esthetician, Dianne has an arts background and understands good presentation! She created the graphic below as a reference for all of us.

For more skin care advice or to schedule a custom organic facial to help your skin this winter, please contact Dianne:

Wellness in Winter

Wellness in Winter Logo.png

For so many reasons maintaining health and wellness becomes more challenging in the winter: hazards of ice and snow, increased risk of illness and infection, increased challenges to exercising regularly, not to mention the effects of cold, dry weather on our bodies.

But winter can also be a time for reflection; to slow down, look inward, and appreciate the natural world in its simplest and most monochromatic state.

Over the coming weeks practitioners who work at Wellness at Villageworks will share advice from their areas of expertise about how to care for ourselves in the wintertime and help us to optimize our health and well-being in all seasons.