Wellness at Villageworks opened in November 2015 as a collaborative workspace for health and wellness professionals that provides a healthy, inviting environment for practitioners and their clients. The space was designed under the premise that professionals work best when part of a supportive community and that the ideal care for clients is holistic and preventative. The professionals in our wellness center come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds so that within one space, clients (of all ages) can access multiple wellness services, including services to enhance physical health, relaxation and emotional well-being.

About Our Community

Wellness at Villageworks is part of West Acton Villageworks, a sustainable development whose mission is to help build a healthy, diverse, interesting, alive, and sustainable community where independent businesses grow and thrive. Wellness at Villageworks practitioners experience the benefits of being part of this community and seek to add to it by promoting community health and wellness.

Our neighbors include two fitness studios: Revolution Community Yoga and Modern Barre, food and drink: Acton Coffeehouse, True West Brew Pub, and Twin Seafood, and a boutique home store at HOME by Stamm & Black. Upstairs, The Gallery at Villageworks hosts concerts, lectures, films, storytelling slams, art exhibitions, and other programs.  For a full list of neighboring businesses please visit the Villageworks Directory

Community Services

Wellness at Villageworks Practitioners enhance the community by adding high quality health and wellness services for individuals and families. Additionally, our wellness center promotes community health in the following ways:

  • Reaching Out
    Practitioners are encouraged to host wellness-based workshops, seminars and community collaborations in order to share their knowledge with a broader audience.
  • Health + Creative Expression
    There is a direct link between wellness and creative expression. Our wellness center hosts art exhibits that support local artists and offer clients opportunities for reflection. In addition we partner with community businesses to support art, music and other creative events in the community.
    • For information about art exhibits at Wellness at Villageworks, please click here.
    • To see a list of all the current art exhibits within West Acton Villageworks, please click here.
  • Environmental Health 
    We support programs and initiatives to address climate change and other risks to our environment and we are proud that our wellness center is solar-powered and designed/built using resource efficient and low-VOC materials. To learn more about the environmental sustainability practices at West Acton Villageworks, please visit: westactonvillageworks.com/environment